Brisbane & Gold Coast termite management systems

The three main types of termite management systems are;

Physical barriers ▪ chemical barriers ▪ termite monitoring bait systems

Termite management can be very complex and some properties may need more than one type of system installed.

Different homes may require different systems depending on the way they have been constructed.

For example, homes on the Gold Coast are mostly constructed as slab-on-the-ground homes while Brisbane has many high set homes and homes constructed on piers. Therefore a home on the Gold Coast may require a different termite system to a home in Brisbane.

A termite inspection is usually required by a licenced termite inspector prior to any termite management system being installed as part of the warranty. At this inspection the inspector will thoroughly inspect your property for termite activity. The inspector will then recommend the safest and most effective termite management system to suit your property and budget. Arrangements will also be made to have any live termites treated before the new termite mangement system is installed. This is done to make sure that no termites will be left trapped inside your home by the new system.