Gold Coast Termite inspections & termite management

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Our Gold Coast termite services

We provide termite services to all Gold Coast suburbs.

Our inspectors are

  • Fully licenced & insured for your protection
  • Highly experienced and have undertaken 1000’s of termite inspections
  • Utilise all the latest in termite detecting equipment
  • Work 100% for our client’s best interests only
  • Are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have

Our inspections & reports

  • Thorough inspections are undertaken of both interior and exterior areas
  • Inspections & reports are in accordance with AS 4349.1 & AS 4349.3
  • Utilise a sounding device and moisture meter as recommended in AS 4349.3
  • Additional equipment used; movement detectors, listening devices & thermal imaging cameras
  • Comprehensive and professional reports provided within 24 hours

Our termite treatments & termite management

  • All treatments are the latest and approved methods
  • Safe for your family, pets and the environment

What you can do to avoid termites

The Gold Coast is a located in a high risk termite area and the best way to protect your property is to have annual termite inspections undertaken. If you are located close to parkland and bushland, inspections may be required more often. The CSIRO recommends that all homes should be inspected regularly for termites in no less than 12 monthly intervals.

You can reduce the risk of termite attack by regularly checking your home in between inspections. Look for signs of termite mudding in gardens, retaining walls and fences. Visit our photo gallery to see examples of termite mudding and termite nests.

Don’t store items up against your external walls, especially those that are made of timber. Check that your weep holes are always visible. If your home is built on a slab, as most Gold Coast homes are, make sure that the slab edge is visible so you can identify any areas that may be compromised and allow termites entry into your home.

Keep foliage trimmed back to allow visibility of external walls. Make sure garden mulch is well below the slab edge and weep holes.  Don’t place stored goods in your roof void or in a sub-floor area.

Attend to areas that allow water to pool around your home. Many Gold Coast homes now have water tanks and air-conditioners. Make sure that these are properly drained to the storm water system and don’t allow water to pool close to your foundations. Moisture anywhere in your home can attract termites.

What to do if you find termites!

It’s important that you do NOT

  • disturb the termites
  • spray the termites
  • remove the termite damaged timbers
  • or break open the termite mud tubes

Please cover and protect the area where you find the termites until our inspector arrives. This will assist our inspector to quickly locate the termite colony. If disturbed, the termites could move to another area of your property.

At your Gold Coast termite inspection any live termites will be inspected and their species identified. It’s very important to know what species of termites you have. Your inspector will use this knowledge to quickly locate the termite colony. He will thoroughly inspect your property and then go through the best termite management options to suit your property and your budget. You will receive a written report along with any recommendations for a termite management program if one is required.

Arrangements can be made during your inspection to treat your current termite activity. This also needs to be done before a new termite management system can be installed if one was recommended in your report. Why? To make sure that no termites will be trapped inside your home by the newly installed system.

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